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Dog beeper for second generation, with 800M remote control.
With 3.7V 700mAh rechargeable battery,full charge up to 4.2V ensures adequate power for optimal remote control.
Product Features:
The product built-in inductor, equipped with magnetic switch.
Built-in buzzer, can produce 8 different "BIB" sounds.
Set this product on the dog's neck, when the dog move fast, the product will emit a short "BIB" sound.
When the dog move slow or doesn`t move, means the dog has been found the prey, then the product will emit urgent and continuous "BIB" sounds.
For example:
"BIB" for one sound represent first dog."BIB" For two consecutive sound represent the second dog, and so on, the hunter can control 8 dogs at the same time.



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